Catering business plan prepared

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Catering Business Plan Sample

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Planning a Restaurant

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I had about 40 of my loftiest friends, family and degrees over to celebrate with me that day. Catering to New York for more than 20 years! For over two decades, New York City has been enjoying the delicious foods prepared at GiGi Café.

We started off as a small café on 34th street with the idea of providing New Yorkers with good quality service. The answer turned out to be an emphatic yes. Now, nearly three decades, thousands of events, and hundreds of loyal clients later, David Haggerty and David Meckstroth have grown that upstart catering business into DSquared, one of Seattle’s most respected culinary companies.

Catering is still at the heart of DSquared via Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes, the Davids’ original company. Make sure you have a detailed business plan to start with.

Use this example to compile your own. Below are the following elements you need to include in your business plan. Voted Best WNY Caterer by Proudly serving WNY, Buffalo and surrounding areas the most consistent and well-known caterer since Book Wooodman's barbecue & clambake catering at your location.

Parties, weddings, corporate functions, and other occasions. Our Essex, Massachusetts catering company wants to cook for you! At Fireside Catering we create delicious, elegant food inspired by the season.

We source the freshest ingredients possible from our own Gibbet Hill Farm to bring the most vibrant flavors to the plate.

Catering business plan prepared
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How to Start a Catering Business: 12 Steps (with Pictures)