Cell phone repair business plan

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How to Start a Cell Phone Repair Business

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How to start a cell phone repair business

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A Sample Cell Phone Repair Business Plan Template. Industry Overview; Cell phones are used for several purposes; basically, people make use of cell phone to keep in touch with their family members and friends and for conducting their businesses et al.

FIX MY PHONE BUSINESS PROPOSAL 4 The cell phone repair industry is chiefly divided into the following major groups: screen repairs, water damage repairs, battery replacements, and other repair.

the service provided by the Repair-it! Franchisee. the support provided by Cellcall Service Provider Co.(Pty) Ltd, the Franchisor.

additional support received from Cellcall (Pty) Ltd, the Network. As the cellular industry changes, Cellcall ensure that the Repair-it! shops continue to offer the very latest in mobile communication technology.

The startup costs of cell phone repair business are extremely low. Initially you can start with a single cell phone screen and increase your inventory four folds. On the choice of business model you chose, you need to calculate additional costs.

Free business plan samples. Researched articles on Marketing, International Business and Franchising. The key factors within the Repair-it! are: the cell phone user (Cellcall customer) the service provided by the Repair-it!

Franchisee. • The business will be started by two woman entrepreneurs (one white woman and one black woman) that.

Starting a Cell Phone Repair & Installation Business

Garbles Cellular Phones cell phones retailer business plan executive summary. Garbles Cellular Phones is a start-up retailer, seeking to acquire a market share in the Niceburg Metro area, specializing in GSM protocol cell phones and accessories/5(61).

Cell phone repair business plan
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