General motors marketing plan

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PESTLE Analysis of General Motors

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Multisided Marketing presents to General Motors this IMC. plan to support the success of their electric vehicle (EV) lines. our media plan selections are the most Integrated Marketing Communications Proposal for General Motors, Chevrolet, Electric Vehicles November 24, Rational Emotional.

Strategic planning for General motors. to put in place a wide range of marketing strategies available in the auto market including e-commerce strategies to ensure that there is overall growth of the company in the market, to acquire about 40 percent of the market segment within period of 5 years.

An Analysis of General Motors

People have to choose the diet plan. The General Motors group serves GM car dealers, LMA Tier 2 organizations and GM employees as a central point of discussion and content distribution within the ADM Community. • General Motors is the leading and well known auto manufacturing company, which has been working in auto market since last 77 years.

• The company has developed its business after bailout in and various professionals are inducted in its management team. General Motors.likes · 7, talking about this · 45, were here.

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General motors marketing plan
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