Knit projects

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Cute DIY Projects

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My sweet neighbor recently added a super neat lining to one of her projects which made me think it might be fun to share how to do it! I've added lining to some of my knit bags in the past (including this one) but the possibilities are endless.

How To Line Knit Projects and Crochet

Add a flannel lining to the back of a baby blanket, add some fleece to one side of a scarf, put a lining in your new purse.

KNIT-A-LONGS - Earn individual yardage and stars for your team by participating in one or more craft-a-longs throughout the year just by knitting the fabulous ESK yarn you already have!.

BOOSTER CLUB - Earn badges for a variety of feats and foibles, like trying a new craft, knitting a pair of socks, or untangling that huge mess of a skein on your winder.

Upload your finished knitting projects, keep track of current projects and seek support from other community members from around the world!94%(K). Upload your finished knitting projects, keep track of current projects and seek support from other community members from around the world!94%(K). Ellipse Cowl Kits 30% Off.

Combine the gorgeous hand-paints that Zen Yarn Garden is known for and the exquisite merino-cashmere-silk single base yarn, and. JOANN Knitting Projects: Browse hundreds of knitting projects and ideas for kids and adults.

LHITS Knit Dishcloth Pattern: Blackberries

Featuring easy steps and simple instructions on how to knit.

Knit projects
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