Planned versus emergent change

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Intended and emergent strategies

Despite not advocating pre-planned steps for change, several proponents of the emergent school have suggested a sequence of actions that organisations should take to increase the chances of change being successful (Kotter,Kanter et al.,Luecke, ).

multifaceted environment, structural barriers (rules and regulations), and planned and emergent approaches to change that have an impact on communication to, and the engagement of, employees. A set of certain consistent actions that form an unintended pattern that was not initially anticipated or intended in the initial planning example, although unintended, adopting an emergent strategy might help a business adapt more flexibly to the practicalities of changing market conditions.

In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence is the condition of an entity having properties its parts do not have, due to interactions among the parts. Emergence plays a central role in theories of integrative levels and of complex instance, the phenomenon of life as studied in biology is an emergent property of chemistry, and psychological phenomena emerge from the.

Planned Versus Emergent Change To provide perspective, change often is deliberate, a product of conscious reasoning and actions which is commonly referred to as planned change.

Modes of Strategy: Planned and Emergent

In contrast, change sometimes unfolds in Emergent Change Print Resources * Emergent Change References (4 of up to 20) * Blomme,R.J. () Leadership, Complex Adaptive Systems, and Equivocality: The Role of Managers in Emergent Change.

Planned versus emergent change
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