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Sunil Wettimuny

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ICC investigation a challenge for SLC's clean-up act

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Sidath Wettimuny, the former Sri Lanka batsman, has suggested a radical restructuring of the country's domestic cricket structure, which involves promoting provinces over clubs.

Sidath Wettimuny, the soft-spoken chairman of the interim committee running Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), spoke to The Telegraph for about 45 minutes a few days ago.

The interview took place in Sidath's ultra-spacious office at the Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC), in Colombo, where SLC is headquartered. Wettimuny responds – refutes allegations by Sumathipala, Former national cricketer Sidath Wettimuny sent the following statement in response to the Daily Mirror's interview with Sri Lanka.

Business Times; Magazine according to former Interim Committee Chairman Sidath Wettimuny. Wettimuny explained “The players have always said any plan should have the blessings of the President and the Prime Minister because the government seems to be split; we do not want to get involved, there is too much chaos.

Sidath wettimuny business plan
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