Speech on discrimination against released prisoners

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Discrimination against ex-prisoners

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This e-mail it was send to the South African Human Rights Commission. THE SOUTH AFRICAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION. Life for the released detainee is a mass of difficulties. After years with little or no contact, a released prisoner may return home to find that his wife has remarried or that all his relatives have left without trace.

Prisoners cannot file a claim for mental or emotional injury unless they can show that they also suffered a physical injury.

Just 1% of prisoners win discrimination cases against staff

Prisoners risk losing credit for good time if a judge decides that a lawsuit was filed for the purpose of harassment, that the inmate lied, or that the inmate presented false information.

Brown, but Justice Samuel Alito dissented, arguing that North Carolina prisons had discriminated against the Jewish plaintiff prison inmate, in violation of the Free Exercise Clause. Start studying Chapter 11 - Prison Life, Inmate Rights, Release, and Recidivism.

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Speech on discrimination against released prisoners
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Against the discrimination of the White prisoners - letter