To his excellency general washington

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To His Excellency General Washington

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His Excellency General Washington

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His Excellency General Washington

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To His Excellency General Washington Questions and Answers

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To His Excellency General Washington

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His Excellency: George Washington is a biography of the first President of the United States, General George Washington. It was written by Joseph Ellis, a professor of History at Mount Holyoke College, who specializes in the founding fathers and the revolutionary and federalist periods.

"To His Excellency General Washington" is a lyric form of an address. The poem is written in an elevated style; this poem addresses the states and Washington and uses elevated language, praise, imagery, and an invocation of the muse.

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Introduction & Overview of To His Excellency General Washington

Phillis Wheatley's poem 'To His Excellency General Washington' is composed of 42 lines that center on the theme of 'freedom's cause.' Within the poem, Wheatley explains the colonists' struggle with pursuing freedom from England, which entails initiating a civil war.

To his excellency general washington
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